Illustrator CC2017 Menu Commands Reference

Illustrator CC2017 Menu Commands Reference

Adobe Illustrators has executeMenuCommand method but menu command dose not disclosed and we can’t use it. There are some tables you can reference menu command I’ve ever reserched.
If someone find wrong command, Contact me, I’ll update sooner.


menu menu command
Open open
New new
New From Template newFromTemplate
Save Template saveasTemplate
Save a copy saveacopy
Save save
Save As saveas
Close close
revert revert
Place AI Place
Update Link Adobe Update Link Shortcut
Export export
Save for Office Save for Office
Save Selected Slice Adobe AI Save Selected Slices
Save for web Adobe AI Save For Web
Package Package Menu Item
Bridge browse Adobe Bridge Browse
Do Script ai_browse_for_script
Doc Pref document
RGB Color doc-color-rgb
CMYK Color doc-color-cmyk
File Info File Info
Print Print
Quit quit
Preference preference
Docment info DocInfo1


menu menu command
undo undo
redo redo
cut cut
copy copy
paste paste
Paste Front pasteFront
Paste Back pasteBack
Paste in Place pasteInPlace
Paste in all artboard pasteInAllArtboard
clear clear
Find&Replace Find and Replace
Find Next Find Next
Check Spelling Check Spelling
Edit Custom dictionary Edit Custom Dictionary…
Recolor Recolor Art Dialog
to CMYK Colors8
to RGB Colors9
Overprint Overprint2
Adjust Color Adjust3
Inverse Colors6
to Gray Colors7
Blend(v) Colors5
Blend(F-B) Colors3
Blend(H) Colors4
Saturate Saturate3


menu menu command
Group group
Ungroup ungroup
Lock lock
front artwork Selection Hat 5
Lock other… Selection Hat 7
Unlock unlockAll
Hide hide
hide front Selection Hat 4
hide other… Selection Hat 6
Show all showAll
Expand Expand3
Expand Style expandStyle
Rasterize Rasterize 8 menu item
Flatten Flatten Transparency
TrimMark TrimMark v25
Make Pattern Adobe Make Pattern
Edit Pattern Adobe Edit Pattern
PatternTileColor Adobe Pattern Tile Color
ReleaseEnvelope Release Envelope
Envelope Option Envelope Options
ExpandEnvelope Expand Envelope
Marge PlanetX Marge Planet X//Live Paint
Release PlanetX Release Planet X
PlanetX Options Planet X Options
Expand PlanetX Expand Planet X
Release Tracing Release Image Tracing
Expand Tracing Expand Image Tracing
Make Text Warp Make Text Wrap
Release Warp Release Text Wrap
Wrap Options Text Wrap Options…


menu menu command
Make Slice AISlice Make Slice
Release Slice AISlice Release Slice
Create from Guides AISlice Create from Guides
Create from Selection AISlice Create from Selection
Duplicate AISlice Duplicate
Combine AISlice Combine
Divide AISlice Divide
Delete All Slices AISlice Delete All Slices
Slice Options AISlice Slice Options
Clip to Artboard AISlice Clip to Artboard


menu menu command
join join
average average
outline OffsetPath v22
offset path OffsetPath v23
simplify path simplify menu item
Add Anchor Points Add Anchor Points2
Knife Tool Knife Tool2
Rows and Columns…. Rows and Columns….
cleanup cleanup menu item


menu menu command
Convert to Artboard setCropMarks
Rearrange ReArrange Artboards
Fit Artboard to artwork bounds Fit Artboard to artwork bounds
Fit Artboard to selected Art Fit Artboard to selected Art


menu menu command
Make Blend Path Blend Make
Blend Release Path Blend Release
Blend Options Path Blend Options
Expand Blend Path Blend Expand
Replace Blend Path Blend Replace Spine
Blend Reverse Path Blend Reverse Spine
Reverse Stack Path Blend Reverse Stack


menu menu command
composite font Adobe internal composite font plugin
Kinsoku Setting Adobe Kinsoku Settings
MojiKumiSetting Adobe MojiKumi Settings
Create thread threadTextCreate
releaseThreaded releaseThreadedTextSelection
RemoveThread removeThreading
Fit Headline fitHeadline
Find Font Adobe Illustrator Find Font Menu Item
To Upper case UpperCase Change Case Item
To Lower case LowerCase Change Case Item
Title Case Title Case Change Case Item
Sentence case Sentence case Change Case Item
SmartPunctuation Adobe Illustrator Smart Punctuation Menu Item
outline outline
Optical Align Adobe Optical Alignment Item
Show Hidden Character showHiddenChar
type-horizontal type-horizontal
type-vertical type-vertical
convert convertlegacyText
convert1 convertlegacyText1
convert2 convertlegacyText2
convert3 convertlegacyText3
Thleaded textthreads


menu menu command
Proof Doc proof-document
Mac RGB proof-mac-rgb
Win RGB proof-win-rgb
Monitor RGB proof-monitor-rgb
Color Blind P proof-colorblindp
Color Blind D proof-colorblindd
Proof colors proofColors
Pagetiling pagetiling
Slice Feedback AISlice Feedback Menu
Slice Lock AISlice Lock Menu
show template showtemplate
Video ruler videoruler
Ruler ruler
Ruler Coordinate System rulerCoordinateSystem
Gradient FB Gradient Feedback
Gap PlanetX Show Gaps Planet X
Show Guide showguide
Lock Guide lockguide
Make Guide makeguide
Release Guide releaseguide
Clear Guide clearguide
Prspctv Grid Show Perspective Grid
Show Ruler Show Ruler
Snap to Grid Snap to Grid
Lock P Grid Lock Perspective Grid
Lock SP Lock Station Point
Define PG Define Perspective Grid
Save PG… Save Perspective Grid as Preset
Show Grid showgrid
Snap Grid snapgrid
Snap Point snappoint
New View newview
Edit View editview
New Window newwindow
Art Style Adobe Art Style Plugin Other libraries menu item
Symbol Palette Adobe Symbol Palette Plugin Other libraries menu item
Swatch AdobeSwatch_ Other libraries menu item
Brush library AdobeBrushMgrUI Other libraries menu item
Zoom In zoomin
Zoom Out zoomout
Fit All in Window fitall
Fit Artboard in Window fitin
Actual Size actualsize
show/hide artboards artboard
Preview(GPU) OpenGLCompositorPreview
Preview preview
Show/Hide Corner Widget Live Corner Annotator


menu menu command
Fill & Stroke Find Fill & Stroke menu item
Fill Color Find Fill Color menu item
Strolke Weight Find Stroke Weight menu item
Stroke Color Find Stroke Color menu item
Opacity Find Opacity menu item
Save Selections Selection Hat 10
Edit Selection Selection Hat 11
Reselect Find Reselect menu item
Inverse Item Inverse menu item
Next Object Selection Hat 9
Previouse Object Selection Hat 8
Symbol Instance Find Symbol Instance menu item
Style Menu Item Find Style menu item
Link Block Series Find Link Block Series menu item
All Text Text Objects menu item
Point Text Point Text Objects menu item
Area Text Area Text Objects menu item
Stray Point Stray Points menu item
Clipping Mask Clipping Masks menu item
Brush Stroke Brush Strokes menu item
Bristle Brush Bristle Brush Strokes menu item
Appearance Menu Find Appearance menu item
Appearance Attr Find Appearance Attributes menu item
Direction Handle Selection Hat 1
All In Artboard selectallinartboard
Non Fit Pxel Grid Selection Hat 12
Deselect All deselectall


menu menu command
Apply last effect Adobe Apply Last Effect
Last Effect Adobe Last Effect
Effect Setting Live Rasterize Effect Setting
3D Extrude Live 3DExtrude
3D Revolve Live 3DRevolve
3D Rotate Live 3DRotate
SVG Filters Live SVG Filters
Filter Import SVG Filter Import
Feather Live Feather
Drop Shadow Live Adobe Drop Shadow
Inner Glow Live Inner Glow
Outer Glow Live Outer Glow
Scribble Fill Live Scribble Fill
Round Corners Live Adobe Round Corners
Trim Marks Live Trim Marks
Outline Object Live Outline Object
Outline Stroke Live Outline Stroke
Offset Path Live Offset Path
Zig Zag Live Zig Zag
Free Distort Live Free Distort
Pucker & Bloat Live Pucker & Bloat
Roughen Live Roughen
Scribble&Tweak Live Scribble and Tweak
Transform Live Transform
Twist Live Twist
Rasterize Live Rasterize
Deform Arc Live Deform Arc
Arc Lower Live Deform Arc Lower
Arc Upper Live Deform Arc Upper
Deform Arch Live Deform Arch
Deform Bulge Live Deform Bulge
Shell Lower Live Deform Shell Lower
Shell Upper Live Deform Shell Upper
Deform Flag Live Deform Flag
Deform Wave Live Deform Wave
Deform Fish Live Deform Fish
Deform Rise Live Deform Rise
Deform Fisheye Live Deform Fisheye
Deform Inflate Live Deform Inflate
Deform Squeeze Live Deform Squeeze
Deform Twist Live Deform Twist
Rectangle Live Rectangle
Rounded Rect Live Rounded Rectangle
Ellipse Live Ellipse
Add Live Pathfinder Add
Exclude Live Pathfinder Exclude
Intersect Live Pathfinder Intersect
Subtract Live Pathfinder Subtract
Minus Back Live Pathfinder Minus Back
Divide Live Pathfinder Divide
Trim Live Pathfinder Trim
Merge Live Pathfinder Merge
Crop Live Pathfinder Crop
Outline Live Pathfinder Outline
Hard Mix Live Pathfinder Hard Mix
Soft Mix Live Pathfinder Soft Mix
Trap Live Pathfinder Trap


menu menu command
new Layer(no dialog) AdobeLayerPalette2
new Layer(with dialog) AdobeLayerPalette3
action batch Adobe Actions Batch
color palette Adobe Color Palette Secondary
add new stroke Adobe New Stroke Shortcut
add new fill Adobe New Fill Shortcut
new symbol Adobe New Symbol Shortcut

Some Paletts

menu menu command
Brush Manager Adobe BrushManager Menu Item
Pattern Panel Adobe Pattern Panel Toggle
Pathfinder Panel Adobe PathfinderUI
Navigator AdobeNavigator
Swatches Menu Adobe Swatches Menu Item
Style Palette Adobe Style Palette
Harmony Palette Adobe Harmony Palette
Gradient Palette Adobe Gradient Palette
Artboard Palette Adobe Artboard Palette
Style Palette Style Palette
SmartExport Panel Adobe SmartExport Panel Menu Item
Action Palette Adobe Action Palette
SVG Interactivity Palette Adobe SVG Interactivity Palette
CSS Menu CSS Menu Item
Illustrator Kuler Panel Adobe Illustrator Kuler Panel
Manage Tools Panel Manage Tools Panel
New Tools Panel New Tools Panel
Default ToolBar Default ToolBar
drover control palette drover control palette plugin
Applicationbar applicationbar
Application Frame appframe
Manage Workspace Adobe Manage Workspace
New Workspace Adobe New Workspace
Reset Workspace Adobe Reset Workspace