Illustrator CC(ver.22) menu commands list

Almost complete listed, we can use from JavaScript.


menu menu command
New new
New from Template newFromTemplate
Open open
Browse in Bridge Adobe Bridge Browse
Close close
Save save
Save As saveas
Save a Copy saveacopy
Save as Template saveastemplate
Save for Web & Devices Adobe AI Save For Web
Save Selected Slices Adobe AI Save Selected Slices
Revert revert
Place AI Place
Export export
Export Selection exportSelection
Export/Export For Screens exportForScreens
Scripts>Other Script ai_browse_for_script
Document Setup document
Document Color Mode>CMYK Color doc-color-cmyk
Document Color Mode>RGB Color doc-color-rgb
File Info File Info
Print Print
Exit quit


menu menu command
Undo undo
Redo redo
Cut cut
Copy copy
Paste paste
Paste in Front pasteFront
Paste in Back pasteBack
Paste in Place pasteInPlace
Paste on All Artboards pasteInAllArtboard
Clear clear
Find & Replace Find and Replace
Find Next Find Next
Check Spelling Check Spelling
Define Pattern Define Pattern Menu Item
Edit Colors>Recolor Artwork Recolor Art Dialog
Edit Colors>Adjust Color Balance Adjust3
Edit Colors>Blend Front to Back Colors3
Edit Colors>Blend Horizontally Colors4
Edit Colors>Blend Vertically Colors5
Edit Colors>Convert to CMYK Colors8
Edit Colors>Convert to Grayscale Colors7
Edit Colors>Convert to RGB Colors9
Edit Colors>Invert Colors Colors6
Edit Colors>Overprint Black Overprint2
Edit Colors>Saturate Saturate3
Edit Original EditOriginal Menu Item
Transparency Flattener Presets Transparency Presets
Tracing Presets TracingPresets
Print Presets Print Presets
Adobe PDF Presets PDF Presets
SWF Presets SWFPresets
Perspective Grid Presets PerspectiveGridPresets
Color Settings color
Assign Profile assignprofile
Keyboard Shortcuts KBSC Menu Item
Preferences>General preference
Preferences>Selection & Anchor Display selectPref
Preferences>Type keyboardPref
Preferences>Units unitundoPref
Preferences>Guides & Grid guidegridPref
Preferences>Smart Guides snapPref
Preferences>Slices slicePref
Preferences>Hyphenation hyphenPref
Preferences>Plug-ins & Scratch Disks pluginPref
Preferences>User Interface UIPref
Preferences>File Handling & Clipboard FileClipboardPref
Preferences>Appearance of Black BlackPref


menu menu command
Transform>Transform Again transformagain
Transform>Move transformmove
Transform>Rotate transformrotate
Transform>Reflect transformreflect
Transform>Scale transformscale
Transform>Shear transformshear
Transform Each Transform v23
Transform>Reset Bounding Box AI Reset Bounding Box
Arrange>Bring to Front sendToFront
Arrange>Bring Forward sendForward
Arrange>Send Backward sendBackward
Arrange>Send to Back sendToBack
Arrange>Send to Current Layer Selection Hat 2
Group group
Ungroup ungroup
Lock>Selection lock
Lock>All Artwork Above Selection Hat 5
Lock>Other Layers Selection Hat 7
Unlock All unlockAll
Hide>Selection hide
Hide>All Artwork Above Selection Hat 4
Hide>Other Layers Selection Hat 6
Show All showAll
Expand Expand3
Expand Appearance expandStyle
Flatten Transparency Flatten Transparency
Rasterize Rasterize 8 menu item
Create Gradient Mesh make mesh
Create Object Mosaic AI Object Mosaic Plug-in4
Create Trim Marks TrimMark v25
Slice>Make AISlice Make Slice
Slice>Release AISlice Release Slice
Slice>Create from Guides AISlice Create from Guides
Slice>Create from Selection AISlice Create from Selection
Slice>Duplicate Slice AISlice Duplicate
Slice>Combine Slices AISlice Combine
Slice>Divide Slices AISlice Divide
Slice>Delete All AISlice Delete All Slices
Slice>Slice Options AISlice Slice Options
Slice>Clip to Artboard AISlice Clip to Artboard
Path>Join join
Path>Average average
Path>Outline Stroke OffsetPath v22
Path>Offset Path OffsetPath v23
Path>Simplify simplify menu item
Path>Add Anchor Points Add Anchor Points2
Path>Remove Anchor Points Remove Anchor Points menu
Path>Divide Objects Below Knife Tool2
Path>Split Into Grid Rows and Columns….
Path>Clean Up cleanup menu item
Blend>Make Path Blend Make
Blend>Release Path Blend Release
Blend>Expand Path Blend Expand
Blend>Blend Options Path Blend Options
Blend>Replace Spine Path Blend Replace Spine
Blend>Reverse Spine Path Blend Reverse Spine
Blend>Reverse Front to Back Path Blend Reverse Stack
Envelope Distort>Make with Warp Make Warp
Envelope Distort>Make with Mesh Create Envelope Grid
Envelope Distort>Make with Top Object Make Envelope
Envelope Distort>Release Release Envelope
Envelope Distort>Envelope Options Envelope Options
Envelope Distort>Expand Expand Envelope
Envelope Distort>Edit Contents Edit Envelope Contents
Perspective>Attach to Active Plane Attach to Active Plane
Perspective>Release with Perspective Release with Perspective
Perspective>Move Plane to Match Object Show Object Grid Plane
Perspective>Edit Text Edit Original Object
Live Paint>Make Make Planet X
Live Paint>Merge Marge Planet X
Live Paint>Release Release Planet X
Live Paint>Gap Options Planet X Options
Live Paint>Expand Expand Planet X
Text Wrap>Make Make Text Wrap
Text Wrap>Release Release Text Wrap
Text Wrap>Text Wrap Options Text Wrap Options…
Clipping Mask>Make makeMask
Clipping Mask>Release releaseMask
Clipping Mask>Edit Contents editMask
Compound Path>Make compoundPath
Compound Path>Release noCompoundPath
Artboards>Convert to Artboards setCropMarks
Artboards>Rearrange ReArrange Artboards
Artboards>Fit to Artwork Bounds Fit Artboard to artwork bounds
Artboards>Fit to Selected Art Fit Artboard to selected Art
Graph>Type setGraphStyle
Graph>Data editGraphData
Graph>Design graphDesigns
Graph>Column setBarDesign
Graph>Marker setIconDesign


menu menu command
Glyphs alternate glyph palette plugin
Area Type Options area-type-options
Type on a Path>Rainbow Rainbow
Type on a Path>3D Ribbon 3D ribbon
Type on a Path>Skew Skew
Type on a Path>Stair Step Stair Step
Type on a Path>Gravity Gravity
Type on a Path>Type on a path Options typeOnPathOptions
Type on a Path>Update Legacy Type on a Path updateLegacyTOP
Threaded Text>Create threadTextCreate
Threaded Text>Release Selection releaseThreadedTextSelection
Threaded Text>Remove Threading removeThreading
Composite Fonts Adobe internal composite font plugin
Kinsoku Shori Settings Adobe Kinsoku Settings
Mojikumi Settings Adobe MojiKumi Settings
Fit Headline fitHeadline
Create Outlines outline
Find Font Adobe Illustrator Find Font Menu Item
Change Case>UPPERCASE UpperCase Change Case Item
Change Case>lowercase LowerCase Change Case Item
Change Case>Title Case Title Case Change Case Item
Change Case>Sentence case Sentence case Change Case Item
Smart Punctuation Adobe Illustrator Smart Punctuation Menu Item
Optical Margin Alignment Adobe Optical Alignment Item
Show Hidden Characters showHiddenChar
Type Orientation>Horizontal type-horizontal
Type Orientation>Vertical type-vertical


menu menu command
All selectall
All on Active Artboard selectallinartboard
Deselect deselectall
Reselect Find Reselect menu item
Inverse Inverse menu item
Next Object Above Selection Hat 8
Next Object Below Selection Hat 9
Same>Appearance Find Appearance menu item
Same>Appearance Attribute Find Appearance Attributes menu item
Same>Blending Mode Find Blending Mode menu item
Same>Fill & Stroke Find Fill & Stroke menu item
Same>Fill Color Find Fill Color menu item
Same>Opacity Find Opacity menu item
Same>Stroke Color Find Stroke Color menu item
Same>Stroke Weight Find Stroke Weight menu item
Same>Graphic Style Find Style menu item
Same>Symbol Instance Find Symbol Instance menu item
Same>Link Block Series Find Link Block Series menu item
Object>All on Same Layers Selection Hat 3
Object>Direction Handles Selection Hat 1
Object>Not Aligned to Pixel Grid Selection Hat 12
Object>Bristle Brush Strokes Bristle Brush Strokes menu item
Object>Brush Strokes Brush Strokes menu item
Object>Clipping Masks Clipping Masks menu item
Object>Stray Points Stray Points menu item
Object>Text Objects Text Objects menu item
Object>Flash Dynamic Text Dynamic Text
Object>Flash Input Text Input Text
Save Selection Selection Hat 10
Edit Selection Selection Hat 11


menu menu command
Apply Last Effect Adobe Apply Last Effect
Last Effect Adobe Last Effect
Document Raster Effects Settings Live Rasterize Effect Setting
3D>Extrude & Bevel Live 3DExtrude
3D>Revolve Live 3DRevolve
3D>Rotate Live 3DRotate
Convert to Shape>Rectangle Live Rectangle
Convert to Shape>Rounded Rectangle Live Rounded Rectangle
Convert to Shape>Ellipse Live Ellipse
Crop Marks Live Trim Marks
Distort & Transform>Free Distort Live Free Distort
Distort & Transform>Pucker & Bloat Live Pucker & Bloat
Distort & Transform>Roughen Live Roughen
Distort & Transform>Transform Live Transform
Distort & Transform>Tweak Live Scribble and Tweak
Distort & Transform>Twist Live Twist
Distort & Transform>Zig Zag Live Zig Zag
Path>Offset Path Live Offset Path
Path>Outline Object Live Outline Object
Path>Outline Stroke Live Outline Stroke
Pathfinder>Add Live Pathfinder Add
Pathfinder>Intersect Live Pathfinder Intersect
Pathfinder>Exclude Live Pathfinder Exclude
Pathfinder>Subtract Live Pathfinder Subtract
Pathfinder>Minus Back Live Pathfinder Minus Back
Pathfinder>Divide Live Pathfinder Divide
Pathfinder>Trim Live Pathfinder Trim
Pathfinder>Merge Live Pathfinder Merge
Pathfinder>Crop Live Pathfinder Crop
Pathfinder>Outline Live Pathfinder Outline
Pathfinder>Hard Mix Live Pathfinder Hard Mix
Pathfinder>Soft Mix Live Pathfinder Soft Mix
Pathfinder>Trap Live Pathfinder Trap
Rasterize Live Rasterize
Stylize>Drop Shadow Live Adobe Drop Shadow
Stylize>Feather Live Feather
Stylize>Inner Glow Live Inner Glow
Stylize>outer Glow Live Outer Glow
Stylize>Round Corners Live Adobe Round Corners
Stylize>Scribble Live Scribble Fill
SVG Filters>Apply SVG Filter Live SVG Filters
SVG Filters>Import SVG Filter SVG Filter Import
Warp>Arc Live Deform Arc
Warp>Arc Lower Live Deform Arc Lower
Warp>Arc Upper Live Deform Arc Upper
Warp>Arch Live Deform Arch
Warp>Bulge Live Deform Bulge
Warp>Shell Lower Live Deform Shell Lower
Warp>Shell Upper Live Deform Shell Upper
Warp>Flag Live Deform Flag
Warp>Wave Live Deform Wave
Warp>Fish Live Deform Fish
Warp>Rise Live Deform Rise
Warp>Fisheye Live Deform Fisheye
Warp>Inflate Live Deform Inflate
Warp>Squeeze Live Deform Squeeze
Warp>Twist Live Deform Twist
Effect Gallery Live PSAdapter_plugin_GEfc
Artistic>Colored Pencil Live PSAdapter_plugin_ClrP
Artistic>Cutout Live PSAdapter_plugin_Ct
Artistic>Dry Brush Live PSAdapter_plugin_DryB
Artistic>Film Grain Live PSAdapter_plugin_FlmG
Artistic>Fresco Live PSAdapter_plugin_Frsc
Artistic>Neon Glow Live PSAdapter_plugin_NGlw
Artistic>Paint Daubs Live PSAdapter_plugin_PntD
Artistic>Palette Knife Live PSAdapter_plugin_PltK
Artistic>Plastic Wrap Live PSAdapter_plugin_PlsW
Artistic>Poster Edges Live PSAdapter_plugin_PstE
Artistic>Rough Pastels Live PSAdapter_plugin_RghP
Artistic>Smudge Stick Live PSAdapter_plugin_SmdS
Artistic>Sponge Live PSAdapter_plugin_Spng
Artistic>Underpainting Live PSAdapter_plugin_Undr
Artistic>Watercolor Live PSAdapter_plugin_Wtrc
Blur>Gaussian Blur Live PSAdapter_plugin_GblR
Blur>Radial Blur Live PSAdapter_plugin_RdlB
Blur>Smart Blur Live PSAdapter_plugin_SmrB
Brush Strokes>Accented Edges Live PSAdapter_plugin_AccE
Brush Strokes>Angled Strokes Live PSAdapter_plugin_AngS
Brush Strokes>Crosshatch Live PSAdapter_plugin_Crsh
Brush Strokes>Dark Strokes Live PSAdapter_plugin_DrkS
Brush Strokes>Ink Outlines Live PSAdapter_plugin_InkO
Brush Strokes>Spatter Live PSAdapter_plugin_Spt
Brush Strokes>Sprayed Strokes Live PSAdapter_plugin_SprS
Brush Strokes>Sumi-e Live PSAdapter_plugin_Smie
Distort>Diffuse Glow Live PSAdapter_plugin_DfsG
Distort>Glass Live PSAdapter_plugin_Gls
Distort>Ocean Ripple Live PSAdapter_plugin_OcnR
Pixelate>Color Halftone Live PSAdapter_plugin_ClrH
Pixelate>Crystallize Live PSAdapter_plugin_Crst
Pixelate>Mezzotint Live PSAdapter_plugin_Mztn
Pixelate>Pointillize Live PSAdapter_plugin_Pntl
Sharpen>Unsharp Mask Live PSAdapter_plugin_USMk
Sketch>Bas Relief Live PSAdapter_plugin_BsRl
Sketch>Chalk & Charcoal Live PSAdapter_plugin_ChlC
Sketch>Charcoal Live PSAdapter_plugin_Chrc
Sketch>Chrome Live PSAdapter_plugin_Chrm
Sketch>Cont← Crayon Live PSAdapter_plugin_CntC
Sketch>Graphic Pen Live PSAdapter_plugin_GraP
Sketch>Halftone Pattern Live PSAdapter_plugin_HlfS
Sketch>Note Paper Live PSAdapter_plugin_NtPr
Sketch>Photocopy Live PSAdapter_plugin_Phtc
Sketch>Plaster Live PSAdapter_plugin_Plst
Sketch>Reticulation Live PSAdapter_plugin_Rtcl
Sketch>Stamp Live PSAdapter_plugin_Stmp
Sketch>Torn Edges Live PSAdapter_plugin_TrnE
Sketch>Water Paper Live PSAdapter_plugin_WtrP
Stylize>Glowing Edges Live PSAdapter_plugin_GlwE
Texture>Craquelure Live PSAdapter_plugin_Crql
Texture>Grain Live PSAdapter_plugin_Grn
Texture>Mosaic Tiles Live PSAdapter_plugin_MscT
Texture>Patchwork Live PSAdapter_plugin_Ptch
Texture>Stained Glass Live PSAdapter_plugin_StnG
Texture>Texturizer Live PSAdapter_plugin_Txtz
Video>De-Interlace Live PSAdapter_plugin_Dntr
Video>NTSC Colors Live PSAdapter_plugin_NTSC


menu menu command
Preview preview
Overprint Preview ink
Pixel Preview raster
Proof Setup>Document CMYK> proof-document
Proof Setup>Legacy Macintosh RGB (Gamma 1.8) proof-mac-rgb
Proof Setup>Internet Standard RGB (sRGB) proof-win-rgb
Proof Setup>Monitor RGB proof-monitor-rgb
Proof Setup>Color blindness – Protanopia-type proof-colorblindp
Proof Setup>Color blindness – Deuteranopia-type proof-colorblindd
Proof Setup>Customize proof-custom
Proof Colors proofColors
Zoom In zoomin
Zoom Out zoomout
Fit Artboard in Window fitin
Fit All in Window fitall
Actual Size actualsize
Hide Edges edge
Hide Artboards artboard
Hide Print Tiling pagetiling
Show Slices AISlice Feedback Menu
Lock Slices AISlice Lock Menu
Show Template showtemplate
Rulers>Show Rulers ruler
Rulers>Show Video Rulers videoruler
Rulers>Change to Global Rulers rulerCoordinateSystem
Hide Bounding Box AI Bounding Box Toggle
Show Transparency Grid TransparencyGrid Menu Item
Show Text Threads textthreads
Hide Gradient Annotator Gradient Feedback
Show Live Paint Gaps Show Gaps Planet X
Guides>Hide Guides showguide
Guides>Lock Guides lockguide
Guides>Make Guides makeguide
Guides>Release Guides releaseguide
Guides>Clear Guides clearguide
Smart Guides Snapomatic on-off menu item
Perspective Grid>Show Grid Show Perspective Grid
Perspective Grid>Show Rulers Show Ruler
Perspective Grid>Snap to Grid Snap to Grid
Perspective Grid>Lock Grid Lock Perspective Grid
Perspective Grid>Lock Station Point Lock Station Point
Perspective Grid>Define Grid Define Perspective Grid
Perspective Grid>Save Grid as Preset Save Perspective Grid as Preset
Show Grid showgrid
Snap to Grid snapgrid
Snap to Point snappoint
New View newview
Edit Views editview


menu menu command
New Window newwindow
Arrange>Cascade cascade
Arrange>Tile tile
Arrange>Float in Window floatInWindow
Arrange>Float All in Windows floatAllInWindows
Arrange>Consolidate All Windows consolidateAllWindows
Workspace>Save Workspace Adobe Save Workspace
Workspace>New Workspace Adobe New Workspace
Workspace>Manage Workspaces Adobe Manage Workspace
CSS Menu CSS Menu Item
Tools AdobeBuiltInToolbox1
Actions Adobe Action Palette
Align AdobeAlignObjects2
Appearance Style Palette
Artboards Adobe Artboard Palette
Attributes internal palettes posing as plug-in menus-attributes
Brushes Adobe BrushManager Menu Item
Color Adobe Color Palette
Color Guide Adobe Harmony Palette
Kuler Panel Adobe Illustrator Kuler Panel
Document Info DocInfo1
Flattener Preview Adobe Flattening Preview
Gradient Adobe Gradient Palette
Graphic Styles Adobe Style Palette
Info internal palettes posing as plug-in menus-info
Layers AdobeLayerPalette1
Links Adobe LinkPalette Menu Item
Magic Wand AI Magic Wand
Navigator AdobeNavigator
Pathfinder Adobe PathfinderUI
Separations Preview Adobe Separation Preview Panel
Stroke Adobe Stroke Palette
SVG Interactivity Adobe SVG Interactivity Palette
Swatches Adobe Swatches Menu Item
Symbols Adobe Symbol Palette
Transform AdobeTransformObjects1
Transparency Adobe Transparency Palette Menu Item
Variables Adobe Variables Palette Menu Item
Character internal palettes posing as plug-in menus-character
Character Styles Character Styles
Glyphs alternate glyph palette plugin 2
OpenType internal palettes posing as plug-in menus-opentype
Paragraph internal palettes posing as plug-in menus-paragraph
Paragraph Styles Adobe Paragraph Styles Palette
Tabs internal palettes posing as plug-in menus-tab
Other Library Adobe Art Style Plugin Other libraries menu item
Other Library Adobe Symbol Palette Plugin Other libraries menu item


menu menu command
Illustrator Help helpcontent
About Illustrator about
System Info System Info

Other Panel

menu menu command
New Symbol Adobe New Symbol Shortcut
Show Color Panel (Secondary) Adobe Color Palette Secondary
Actions Batch Adobe Actions Batch
Add New Fill Adobe New Fill Shortcut
Add New Stroke Adobe New Stroke Shortcut
New Graphic Style Adobe New Style Shortcut
New Layer AdobeLayerPalette2
New Layer with Dialog AdobeLayerPalette3
Update Link Adobe Update Link Shortcut
Navigator Options AdobeNavigator2
New Swatch Adobe New Swatch Shortcut Menu

If you need to use executeMenuCommand, Probably, AiMenuObject custom class helps you.
You can check it below repository.